David Seyer

How did you start your music career?

David Seyer responded on 08/15/2014

Hi! Well everything started with a pop/rock band called Arrival Jetz. I was the composer, piano player, and second lead vocal. I felt I could do more so I decided to leave the band, I felt sad about it but I knew I could give more. I made a duet with a good friend and recorded many tracks which never saw the light. Due to differences we decided to end the duet. I started another duet my good friend (who's actually featured in one of my tracks that I'll release later this year) Diana SNL. We created great tracks, but still I felt I could give more from myself. That was the moment I decided to go by myself. I composed Moonlight and knew since the beginning who should sing it. I called my dear friend Karoll Floss and the story begins there. Moonlight saw the light on January 2014. Today, its just a matter of days for a third single to be released.

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